Ruben Mendes (author of this Website). I am the principal author and curator of content on, including blog articles. I am a practicing lawyer, admitted to the Luxembourg Bar in 2016, and have focused my professional endeavours on Intellectual Property, Technology Law, Data Protection, and Crypto-assets. I hold certifications in Intellectual Property from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and in Data Protection from the Council of Europe. I am also a certified FinTech specialist from Harvard University. Over the course of my tenure in various law firms, I have assisted clients with diverse issues within these fields, including compliance with crypto-assets, play-to-earn models, investment funds involving cryptocurrencies, among many others.

I also wrote several articles, published in reputable journals. Mondaq (under “Rankings”), a globally recognised platform for expert analysis and commentary, has acknowledged me as one of the most-read authors in Luxembourg in the domain of IP and IT law.

I have the previlege to work with, and be supported by, a group of excellent professionals - both legal and technical. I warmly invite you to reach out to me with your queries through the contact form below and to share with others. You may as well add me to your LinkedIn network.

If you represent a credit institution, financial entity, FinTech firm, consulting company, or are an entrepreneur with innovative FinTech projects, we are here to help you. After reviewing our 'Website Terms and Conditions', feel free to use the contact form provided below to share any inquiries, questions, or concerns you may have regarding the establishment of your FinTech company, the development of FinTech solutions, the compliance issues you may encounter or other legal matters related to crypto-assets. However, please note that legal services and FinTech projects often involve significant efforts and are not offered without charge. Awareness of the necessary investment and resources is vital. We eagerly anticipate your communication.


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